Blog #1:: Garden of the Gods

Another travel blog? I know what you’re thinking.. But I promise you that this will be an adventure you won’t want to miss out on.

Why am I blogging about my journeys? I felt like typing out everything that I did during my journey as well as doing the vlogging part of it. Pictures are great and it allows you to experience where I’ve been and how I got there but I’d like to tell you how I came about going to these places and maybe some other facts that I may have missed in the videos.

Over Labor Day weekend I went on an awesome journey down to southern Illinois to the Shaunee Forest Preserve. I went with my boyfriend Chris (whom most of my adventures will be with but you may see some others as well!) It was an incredible experience. We climbed on rocks at Garden of the Gods, found a random “cave” (it didn’t go very far but made for a great picture!) and even went down to see Superman in Metropolis, IL.


Now if I’m being completely honest, I had no idea that Garden of the Gods existed. Part of why this trip made it that much more memorable, unlike my trips to Disney World where I love going but I’ve been so much that it is just another trip nothing special or memorable for me. Anyway. I was browsing through google maps to see if there were any towns with any exciting facts, any famous people, historical events that I could make a weekend out of (meaning leave Saturday morning, explore Sunday, and come home Monday). Nothing had popped up in my search but I’ll keep looking. I love history! But this forest preserve did come up and inside it there was the Garden of the Gods. So I googled it. Now Chris and I were already planning on going to the Mall of America, but something in my gut was telling me that we needed to go down south and experience this. So like any normal human being this generation..I took to Facebook and asked. Where should we go? Majority ruled, Garden of the Gods. I told Chris as we fell asleep..facebook ruled.

A day or so later I booked our hotel at the Super 8 then went to work, anxiously awaiting the weekend.

Now our Super 8 stay in Harrisburg, IL. I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Good pricing, but it was exactly what you’re expecting for $75/night. Nothing extravagant. Also, if you’re looking for something to do in Harrisburg..look elsewhere. There’s really nothing to do there. It is just a city that’s there. Hardly any restaurants, no mom and pop shops that we could find anyway. Seemed like the town was taken over by Dollar General and Wal-mart. They had a great barbecue place called B.B.Q. Barn. Definitely would recommend!

First thing we did Sunday morning, go down to Metropolis to see Superman. Something that Chris really wanted to do because he had never been. As someone who isn’t a Superman fan (or D.C. comics in general, hello Marvel!) I was pleasantly impressed with the town. First off, very small. But don’t let that deter you from going! The Superman statue is cool to take a pic in front of. We also went into the Superman museum which had a ton of memorabilia from basically every Superman movie or appearance (yes I’m talking about the I Love Lucy episode that he appeared in!)


After Metropolis we came back up to Garden of the Gods, now I’ll admit cell service is not the greatest if you have Sprint such as myself. So we did end up getting a little lost even with GPS. But we did find this cool cave and what seemed to be the remains of an old house that was built into the wall of the cave. Not entirely sure on the story but I’m hooked into finding out! After climbing up the outside seeing what the top of it was like we were finally off to Garden of the Gods. Yes, we got enough service to bring us to there, turns out we weren’t that far out of the way!

I can’t describe Garden of the Gods other than it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad we went!

Here’s the video to experience it yourself!

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