Blog #2:: Planning the Next Getaway

Planning a trip is always a hard task. But it’s also exciting too! My boyfriend and I have a couple ideas of what we want to do.. either we go down to Disney World or do Route 66 for the week we have off for our anniversary. Eventually we’ll do both. But here I plead my case for both::

Disney.. We’re both huge Disney fans. One of our goals is to see all the Disney parks in the world! We still haven’t been to Disneyland but we can’t bring ourselves to pay more than what we’d pay for down in Disney World so we just go down there instead. Eventually we’ll get there. It’s been some time since we’ve been down there and we want to see some of the changes (hello Pandora and Disney Springs!) But with Star Wars land and Toy Story land under construction still we’d probably skip Hollywood Studios (or MGM if that’s how you remember it too.) We’d be driving down also so if we wanted to go to Universal and get our Butterbeer on we could! We’re only going to be going if an outside factor can help us so it’s not a guarantee but man it’d be nice to get my Disney fill again. And this year we wouldn’t be taking the plane like we always do. If Cubs fans had said for 108 years.. there’s always next year.

Now Route 66..  there’s so much to see and do. We only have a week off so we can’t get a lot done but I have my travel guide book that tells you about some of the places on there and it sounds so cool! It would definitely be an adventure for the books!

What do you think.. Disney or Route 66?

Sound off in the comments!


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