Blog #3:: A little bit about me

No new travels so far but I thought I would share what’s been going on in my life..that’s an adventure right?


So as you may know I work full time so traveling is very limited. I do what I can when I can but I do like taking the nice little trips here and there. But I’m going through an emotional adventure..the world of *cue surprising music* depression. Yes ladies and gentlemen I went to my doctor recently and while I haven’t been actually diagnosed by a psychiatrist (I’m trying to find out when I can see one cause when you work 9:30-6pm Monday through Friday you can’t really go to see one.) Anyway, I’ve been reading some books on it and seeing how others learn to deal with it. Maybe I can try their ideas and while I’m searching for my own ways to help. Traveling definitely helps. Seeing new places or just going to places I’ve been before as a small getaway. We all need an escape right? 

Anyway, we’re still looking into Disney World and Route 66. We’ve had some suggestions to do Route 66 as we’ve never done it before. We also talked about utilizing this Disney trip as a things we’ve never done in Disney before. Such as tours, Pandora and Animal Kingdom (we’ve both done Animal Kingdom just never together,) and going to restaurants we’ve never been to. I’ve been listening to Walt Disney World Podcast with Lou Mongello and getting the scoop on some of the best restaurants down there. We’re thinking Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs (Downtown Disney for those that remember it as such) for our anniversary since we would arrive that day if we do get to go. Remember we’re hoping on an outside source for help otherwise it’s definitely Route 66.

I’m also thinking about another business adventure instead of the one I’m currently on. With everything else going on in my life I’m struggling to work that business and when I do work it, it’s not as fun as it once was. But this new company (well new to me) has me very excited and I’ve been diligently asking my best friend questions on how it works and what I can expect and all things business related. I’m gonna sit on it for a little while (maybe a week or two) and if it’s something I’m still excited about and can’t stop thinking about I’ll definitely get into it. But I for sure need to focus on me first and foremost.

Tonight I’m going to the Brad Paisley concert down in Tinley Park, IL. I don’t think I’ll be doing a video for it cause all of my videos are basically concert videos.

If you’re reading this up to this point..first off thank you! That means so much to me especially cause it’s just me rambling really.

I must go though. Brad Paisley awaits and I need to cool off a little in my not so tiny apartment before I go sweat again today.

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