Blog #4: Long time no see

Hello? Still there?

Oh good 🙂 Thought I lost you!!

I apologize about my absence, it’s been super crazy. Since my last post I was diagnosed with chronic depression (still need to see a therapist/psychiatrist but my job legit doesn’t allow me to go) I work during normal business hours.. I’m hoping that changes soon because I talked to our scheduling department and hopefully some new positions are opening on the team I want to be on full time which depending on the shift I get would allow me to see one. I was placed on new medication and feel like that’s helping a lot. I go for my follow up..well I should leave right now cause it is at 9am my time! More when I come back 🙂

Okay I’m back!

I started working out again, doing my DDPYoga and gearing up for my 5k I’m doing at the end of this month! One of my goals this year was to do the Hot Chocolate run with my best friend. She’s walking it this year but that’s okay! I’ll still run the 5k! I’m so pumped! I’ve been talking to Chris about doing the Disney half marathon in the next few years and the full marathon the next few years after that. So I’m using the 5k this year as my starting point and going forward doing 2 5k’s and the Hot Chocolate 15k per year til I deem myself worthy of doing the half marathon!

I also joined a new company that I’m so excited for called Perfectly Posh! Currently we’re just open in the United States but hoping to branch out to other countries as well soon! I’m having so much fun with this company! I get to help pamper people! I think my favorite part about the company is being able to offer samples to everyone! I wasn’t able to do that in my last company and the products I could sample not everyone wanted or would get the full effect off a tiny sample. So I’m super happy with this company!

More of my vlogs will be coming soon! It’s halloween season so that means pumpkin farms and haunted houses! Chris and I got the official word that we’re going to Disney for our anniversary! Lots of videos coming soon! I’m excited! My favorite time of the year!

Thank you for your patience!

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