Blog #5: Fall Adventures

What a wonderful weekend it has been!

Friday night we went to Six Flags for Fright Fest! We had to test out if I was over my fear of clowns. I used to have to dig my head into who ever was with me to shield me from the beasts that are clowns. But I successfully walked through village of clowns that are now placed in front of X-Flight. It was extremely packed but we got on about 5 rides, including the new Joker Ride that is placed next to Batman. OMG that has to be my new favorite, not too long not too short, for the amount of spinning you do it was perfect.

Saturday we went out and about, finishing our costumes for our Sunday adventure at the zoo. We also went to Sonny Acres farm and boy was it crowded there too. Chris was able to try Hot Apple Cider for the first time and he prefers it cold. I love it hot. This could be a problem haha

What do you think.. hot apple cider or cold?

Anyway after we went and tried sushi for the first time. What a bunch of newbs we were haha but everyone that surrounded us was extremely helpful and we can’t wait to go back! We’re also now set on going to Morimoto Asia down in Disney World now for our anniversary! I hope you enjoyed watching my video! If you did it’d mean a lot if you could like the video and subscribe! More videos of my fun adventures to come!

Today we went to the zoo for my mom’s birthday! Chris went as Michael Myers and I went as Chucky (no not Finster from Rugrats)! Our theme this year was slasher movie! We’re gonna start planning better for next year!


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