Blog 6: My first 5K


Welcome back to another episode of Adventures with Bri! If you’re tuning in for the first time this is clearly not a TV show (haha i know i know i’m funny 😉 ) but I do thank you for joining in to read about my first experience doing a 5k!

So this year one of my goals was to run in the Hot Chocolate run and eventually do the Disney half/full marathon! That’s the goal and boy have I started something here! The training has been exhausting, I hate running after work cause the drive home stinks and I just want to relax.. Then you add on shin splints and hurting your ankle. Can I just say if this is what happens when you get old, that getting old sucks..


So I started training a few weeks ago. I got a new cool Couch to 5k app that shows me my distance on a map and breaks it down for me on how well I’m doing for running/walking, like my pace and whatnot. Pretty neat right? I’ll go through my progress cause it’s my blog and I can haha

Day One:
Total time–> 30 minutes, Total Distance–> 1.98 miles, Avg Pace–> 15 min 08 sec / mile
Walking: 1.29 miles at 17 min 01 sec / mile, Running: 0.69 mi at 11 min 37 sec / mile

Day Two:
Total time–> 30 minutes, Total Distance–> 2.00 miles, Avg Pace–> 14 min 58 sec / mile
Walking: 1.27 miles at 17 min 18 sec / mile, Running: 0.73 mi at 10 min 55 sec / mile

Day Three:
Total time–> 30 minutes, Total Distance–> 1.95 miles, Avg Pace–> 15 min 24 sec / mile
Walking: 1.22 miles at 18 min 03 sec / mile, Running: 0.73 mi at 10 min 58 sec / mile

Day Four:
Total time–> 31 minutes, Total Distance–> 2.01 miles, Avg Pace–> 15 min 25 sec / mile
My app was being weird that day, so no breakdown.. whatever technology..whatever.. #firstworldproblems

Day Five:
Total time–> 31 minutes, Total Distance–> 2.12 miles, Avg Pace–> 14 min 36 sec / mile
Walking: 1.28 miles at 17 min 13 sec / mile, Running: 0.85 mi at 10 min 38 sec / mile

Day Six:
Total time–> 31 minutes, Total Distance–> 2.13 miles, Avg Pace–> 14 min 34 sec / mile
Walking: 1.24 miles at 17 min 41 sec / mile, Running: 0.88 mi at 10 min 10 sec / mile

Day Seven:
Total time–> 28 minutes, Total Distance–> 1.97 miles, Avg Pace–> 14 min 12 sec / mile
Walking: 1.12 miles at 16 min 53 sec / mile, Running: 0.85 mi at 10 min 37 sec / mile

Day Eight:
Total time–> 28 minutes, Total Distance–> 1.90 miles, Avg Pace–> 14 min 45 sec / mile
Walking: 1.04 miles at 18 min 18 sec / mile, Running: 0.86 mi at 10 min 27 sec / mile

No more breakdowns cause work sucked hard, my depression was about to get the best of me and my shin splints were KILLING me too. So if you’re reading up until now, you are also a trooper and I still to this day thank you!

Now onto the good stuff..the stuff you came for.. My first 5k!

So every year for the past 10 years Chicago has hosted the Hot Chocolate Run, my best friend has run it for the past 5 years but only got credit for 3 years. That’s a fun story, but not mine to tell. Anyway I had to wake up waayyyyyyyy before the sun came up. Like we’re talking 2:45AM (to make sure I was awake to drive to my besties house). Yeesh.. So I drive to her place, get there at 4:15 (our agreed upon time and by agreed upon I mean she said be at my house by 4:15 and I said okay and something along the lines of you’re trying to kill me aren’t you.) We then proceed to go pick up her best friend and my new friend and hitch a ride with new friend’s neighbors whom are also running! Woohoo!

We get downtown at Grant Park, no one is really there cause it’s like 5:45ish and the 15k and other fast running people don’t start til 7:30AM. Let me just was freaking freezing. Like I thought I was gonna get like hypothermia or frost bite cold. Yeeeesh. People run in this weather..why? Cause we’re crazy.. But not as crazy as the psychos that were running in tank tops and shorts. Uh hello you’re in Chicago in October..yes we’ve had nice weather, yes your blood will be circulating but cheese and crackers people..put some clothes on..

So my bestie and I ran the 5K; new friend and her neighbors ran the 15K (I have a death wish cause I’m gonna run that in the next few years to come). Everyone checked their bags and I told myself over and over again how I should’ve wore gloves. Gotta remember that for next year.. Then the 15K people got in line to go to their corrals, then bestie and I got in line for ours. I changed my corral cause I didn’t wanna be in the corral above her thinking I would’ve stayed with her so if my ankle gave out or some crazy accident she would be there and I’d be safe. Well not that I wouldn’t have been taken care of but I’d at least know someone ya know?


I got my playlist going, then around 8:30AM we were off, and so was I (meaning I did not stay with my bestie at all..) my goal was to run the first full mile which I did! It was in the 8-10 min mile range, I jogged at a comfortable pace that didn’t feel like I was going too fast but not too slow either. Now you can be told over and over again about how crowded it is during the first mile but you don’t believe the people til you experience it yourself. The whole race was crowded, you had to weave in and out of people that decided to just walk. Not downing any walkers cause I walked too just saying it’s tough when you’re in a groove and trying to not be rude but keep your pace going. After the first mile was done it became a bargaining thing with me, if I can just run this far I’ll be okay with walking. But my shin splints started hurting, and my phone was like maaaybe you should share your location with bestie and wait for her. But I didn’t. I finished the race at 41:00 with a avg 13 min 12 sec / mile pace.


Yay!! Next year my goal is to start training for the 15k but still run the 5k. My goal for the run is to run at least 2 of the miles. Whether it’s the first two, last two, or beginning and end. The following year will be to run the full 5k no stopping cause I’ll be training for the half marathon by that point.

Our rec center that is down the street from our place is supposed to have a free track, I’m done running outside for my workouts. During the week its my DDPYoga, Saturdays I’ll run. Start working towards running full two miles, improve my times. I love running. Now it’s up to me to continue. Don’t want to lose what I’ve started.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Blog 6: My first 5K

  1. Amee Bohrer says:

    Congrats, Bri! You picked a great Chicago race for your first. I ran the 15k for the first time yesterday! Felt amazing, still does.

    But you won’t need three years to run a full 5k. You just need to be consistent and keep signing up for races, and it’ll happen on its own. The Hot Chocolate Run is great but I wouldn’t limit yourself to that alone for training races. Also, why jump from a 5k directly to a half? Do a 1ok first, then a 15k or 10 Miles, then a half. Join a local running club and try to run 2-3 times a week, that’a What will help you! Keep going, I’m glad you’ve got the running bug.


    • adventurewithbri says:

      That’s awesome! Congratulations on running the 15k! I’m definitely not planning on jumping from the 5k to the half. I apologize I didn’t mean it that way. That’s my main goal. I’m gonna take it nice and slow. With my shin splints, I know what my body can handle. I’ll end up doing the 15k in a few years for the hot chocolate with some other 5ks in between. I’ve talked to some other ppl and they’ve pointed me in some free 5ks in the area! I’ll be doing that as well. Definitely will be working my way to the half and full marathon.


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