Blog #7: As 2017 comes to an end..

* blows dust off keyboard*

Welcome back everyone! Hope you haven’t forgotten about me! Been missing the blog, just haven’t had the slightest clue what to do/write about. No new travels recently with work and the holidays passing. But I have a small journey to Michigan coming up in 2018, and Chris and I are going figure out some new places to discover.

I realized I haven’t discussed our recent, well more recent, trip to Disney and I’ll definitely talk about that in my next blog because I honestly believe that that trip was our best trip to Disney World that we’ve had. Lots of new and exciting things we tried and we’re still not done down there! But we’ll go back in a few years, we want to experience what else is out there in the world (and other Disney’s..I can’t help it! I’m a Disney addict!)

What I wanted to write about today was a new journey so to speak. I’ll still be doing my travels and discussing those but while I’m not traveling I want to share a different side to me! I decided to vamp up my “Adventures with Bri,” to not just be about traveling, but about my other business as well because it is a huge part of me! So I’ll be posting about my life in entrepreneurship! My goal is to blog 3-4 times per week with reviews, what all I’m doing/going to do with my business, q&a’s, new product launches, whatever may be prevalent at that time, but essentially giving everyone a behind the scenes of my life as well with pics/videos.

I have two different Facebook pages, Adventures with Bri (my travels) and Bri On The Posh (my business!) If you’re on Facebook, head over there and give me a like on both! You can be up to date on all future adventures with me (Bri!). Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube page: (once I get to 100 subscribers I’ll update that to make it easier!)

I can’t wait to start this new adventure in telling you all about both!

Happy travels and talk to you soon!

-Bri 🙂

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