Blog #8:: Product Review!


I decided to do my first official post of my business with product reviews.  In the video above I talk about as well as show you how simple our products are to use!

BFF: Best Face Forever


My favorite product is our BFF (Best Face Forever!) I can’t get enough! My face (except today) looks and feels AMAZING! One thing I didn’t mention in the video is to use the BFF in the shower and OMG the smell and feel! Now it works out of the shower too but I feel you get the full effect in the shower!


Prize on the Eyes


I also love our Prize on the Eyes for what it’s done to my dark circles underneath my eyes as mentioned in the video! If you pair this with Impish Eyes, say hello to a way younger looking you!



Zit Zapper


Lastly, Zit Zapper has been a HUGE life changer for me! Usually it takes weeks upon weeks (maybe even longer) to get rid of zits (I also don’t help any cause if I see one I pop it, I know gross and bad for you! I’m working on stopping I swear!) But if you only seen the zits on my face before I did the video, and how they’ve changed in just a week! I have yet to be disappointed by a product we have!


I love that our products are naturally based! No added sulfates, chemicals, or parabens! I also love that we’re cruelty free! I love my animals so the fact that we don’t test on them means everything to me in a company!! We’re only available in the USA at this time but stay tuned, we’re hopefully going to be opening in new countries soon!

One last thing I love about our products, EVERYTHING is under $25! So our products are extremely affordable and last a very long time!

Til next time friends!

Bri 🙂

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