Blog #9:: Our time in Disney World

Ahhhh Disney.. My happy place! Even better when I’m able to go with my boyfriend! Well this year we went down for his birthday and our anniversary, and it was AMAZING!

This year we decided to drive down instead of flying because who doesn’t love a road trip!? Driving down was fun, experiencing the few states we had to drive through on the open road. Our original plan was to drive to Memphis first and see Graceland. When we actually thought about it, meaning when we figured out we’d have to leave by 3AM to get there by noon to do the tour, we opted to hit it on the way back. Then Disney got the best of us and we decided against going cause we ended up not having the money. I think Graceland will be on our list for 2018!

Anyway back to Disney, we stayed off property but within 10 minutes from the parks because my aunt is awesome. The place was nice, but the check in building was super hard to find. Not to mention the staff either didn’t speak English at all, didn’t speak English well, or sucked with directions. We ended up finding this building that had a giant map on the wall and found the check in building probably about 30-40 minutes later. Now because we stayed at a timeshare, they of course tried to get us to come to a meeting where they’ll sell us on buying a timeshare, even bribed us with $100.. Note to anyone reading that works at these places..if I’m staying at a timeshare, I know someone with a timeshare, meaning I don’t need a timeshare for myself. If you reallllly want me to come, wave $1000 in my face and we’ll talk.. We finally got to our room and decided to go to Disney Springs. I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t vlog very well because I was honestly taking it all in. Disney Springs is amazing, so much shopping, so many good places to eat. We didn’t get to check out all the places, and they’re still adding more!

Onto Day 1 in the parks, but day 2 nonetheless. We always start with Magic Kingdom and it was wonderful and also weird being down there right after Halloween and they’re already celebrating Christmas. I met so many characters this trip and it was so cool. I have this Disney Junior animated character encyclopedia that I had the characters sign.  This whole trip as mentioned in the video is about doing firsts, things we’ve never done before, places we’ve never eaten at. It was really fun. We still have tons to do that we’ve never done!

Day two in the parks was spent at Star Wars land..I mean Hollywood Studios. It was just Star Wars overload. But everything was awesome as always. If you love free stuff, watch this video on how we got free stuff at Disney!

I’ve grown to love Epcot as an a kid you don’t appreciate it too much because there’s not a lot of rides. One thing we love is the Food & Wine Festival! But what we fail to mention is that unless you are a cow and have two stomachs, be prepared to only go to a couple booths.. The meals are basically appetizers..

Christmas party day at Magic Kingdom, but first a trip to Hogan’s Beach Shop then to the Grand Floridan and Contemporary! I can’t say it enough.. it’s weird celebrating Christmas before you celebrate Thanksgiving but I had so much fun and the snacks you get are amazing! The eggnog was DELICIOUS!

Our last day at Disney was spent in the Animal Kingdom, I wasn’t a fan last time I went so Chris and I were determined to put it to the test. Also Pandora is amazing! You’ve been warned though, it’s extremely long waits to get on the two rides in Pandora.

Disney was a success! Next up in the Disney adventures is definitely Disneyland. We’ve been talking about it forever, we’re gonna bite the bullet and go.

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Til next time!

Bri 🙂

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