Blog #11:: A new series..

What I love about being in Direct Sales is meeting new people, helping them achieve financial freedom/or whatever goal they have, or just earning extra cash is always fun! One thing I decided I wanted to do was introduce you to people that are on my team as they join (with their approval of course) to see that we come from all different backgrounds. We all have a different story but we have one goal. My team is growing but I first wanted to introduce you to the lady that introduced me to Perfectly Posh, my sponsor, Tonya! I sent her a short questionnaire and these are her responses!



Why do you Posh?

I decided to join Posh because I wanted to help women take time to pamper themselves! This company reminds me to take time for myself with a face mask or an awesome bath bomb. We all need a little pampering and take time for ME.




What are your goals for your business and everyday life?
     My goals for my business are simple. Sticking to why I chose to start in the first place! Help women (and men) take time to pamper themselves. I feel like giving yourself time for just you helps build confidence and strength. It lets us grow and push out anything negative we have going on!
     My goals for everyday life is to continue to spread positivity to my friends and family. To remind each and every person in my life how much they mean to me! Life is short, we need to enjoy each day and find the good!


What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Hmmmm this is tough. But I guess the fun fact would be I have 4, yes you read that right, FOUR kids!! My hands may be full but man you should see my heart!

What’s your favorite product??
My favorite product is Love the Dark Body Scrub! I love the scent and it gives a good scrub and overall pampering experience!




Do you have any advice for anyone looking to join Perfectly Posh??
Start your Prep Academy training right away and work towards those first 15, 30 and 60 day goals!

Thank you so much Tonya for introducing us to you and telling us why you joined Perfectly Posh! And thank you for introducing me to Posh as well!

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