Blog #12:: Where to go next..

So Chris and I were discussing our future, comes up a lot recently, what all we want to accomplish and whatnot. Of course traveling comes up CONSTANTLY..i mean why wouldn’t it. Every time we go somewhere, we’re ready to go to our next place but we have our jobs and I have my chinchilla so we can only go for so long. I don’t mind little trips here and there, taking a Friday or Monday off work and just seeing some new place then having a big vacation towards the end of the year. Uh yes please!

This year we’re looking outside of Illinois, Chris wants to see our country before we take off to other countries (I don’t blame him..I’ve lived here for 26, almost 27 years and really only have seen Disney World) I’ve been to other states but never really saw anything.. Here’s where we’re thinking..

d4241943343dfd0d44e5fbFirst up definitely the Grand Canyon, I remember going down for a week or so to visit my Aunt and Uncle that live in Arizona and was promised by my Uncle a trip to the Grand Canyon. Clearly that happened since I’m still waiting..and I’ll be waiting forever if I don’t go myself. So we’ll definitely be hitting that up this year! For those that have been..better to go in the spring or fall? I’m omitting summer because I know Arizona gets super hot and I get super overheated so we’ll just stay away from that haha I’m excited to see! It’s always been a place of high interest for me.

Las_VegasNext that we talked about is Vegas..Chris has been many times and for someone that doesn’t drink or gamble he says there’s still a lot to do and see. Of course, I want to also drink and gamble (maybe I have a hidden talent for slot machines or blackjack..who knows!) but maybe I’ll save my drinking and gambling trip and go with my mom and sister. Anyway, we found some Groupons for Vegas that seem like a good Groupon really a good deal anymore tho?? I mean they charge you almost $400 to go solo but two people have to buy a voucher to travel together.. cause that makes sense.. I don’t feel like it’s a great deal.. Anyway for those on a budget..where do you recommend to stay in Vegas that doesn’t put me in a place where I feel like I’m gonna die?

NashvilleWe also talked about going to Nashville and the country girl in me is just freaking out over this one! I even watch the show Nashville and want to go to the filming locations and whatnot. I’ll totally geek out, no lie. And I’ll definitely be buying a pair of boots, cause I feel like its necessary. I could totally move there and fit right in..but definitely not a Predators fan and I know how they hate Blackhawks fans cause we’re rude since we cheer our national anthem? Whatever.. I still stand by me moving there and fitting right in. For now I’ll just take the trip and visit.

0025_Washington-DC_5730767_FullLastly, it was mentioned on my facebook page, which you should definitely go and hit the like button, just saying, that we should go to our nations capital! What I didn’t mention is that we did talk about it but nothing concrete, but Washington D.C. is definitely in the talks. We always love a little history when we go places, like our trip to Springfield, IL. That was super fun and we have to go back cause there’s still stuff we missed and want to do. Who’s been to D.C and what was your favorite thing about the trip??

Anybody have any tips? Best time to go to any of these?? Please comment below and let me know what you think!


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